christmas wish listThis annual project has been embraced by our city as a concrete way of blessing the less fortunate who live in our communities.

Here is a brief overview of how the Christmas Wish List works.

  • Our church partners with local organization such as Souls Harbour Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, Gentle Road Church of Christ, and more.
  • These organizations identify people within their circles who would appreciate extra support at Christmas.
  • Times are set up when “interviews” can be conducted with these individuals and families. These “interviews” are basically visits in which life stories are shared sufficiently that highlights can be summarized into a paragraph or two.
  • These life stories are then posted on a website that is advertised throughout and beyond Regina, with the help of local media.
  • Citizens of the city and area (like myself) can then visit the website and read these stories. When a story resonates with me (the browser), I can then see specific Christmas gift requests that have been made by that individual or family. If I select some of those gift requests, a “shopping list” will be generated.
  • I now go out and buy those gifts. I wrap them and label them appropriately.
  • I then drop the gifts off at the Glen Elm Church of Christ by or before the designated date. Volunteers will then deliver the gifts to the local organizations, who in turn place the presents in the recipients’ hands.
  • And a Merrier Christmas is enjoyed by all involved!

Both citizens and media have been strongly supportive of this project, and plans are in place to make this year’s project our best one yet!

Contact our office if you would like further information about the Christmas Wish List.

A document summarizing this project (suitable for promotion purposes) can be viewed HERE.