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Inspired by a view of the world which sees connection everywhere – Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ – we’ll spend 4 weeks exploring the depth and breadth of our relatedness. God’s call to his creatures has always been a call into relationship – with God’s self and all others. Hence, Richard Rohr would go so far as to call salvation “the readiness, the capacity, and the willingness to stay in relationship.”

This week we’ll begin our exploration by focusing on creation at its ‘beginning’ (Genesis 1 and 2), seeing this picture of shalom – peace as mutual flourishing – mirrored in John’s vision of the ‘end’ (Revelation 21 and 22). Between those bookends, you might say there has been some unraveling of the cosmic tapestry; clearly, our relations are strained. But take heart: any move toward love and kindness, to reconciliation and restored relationship, is a glimpse of the life everlasting.