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Inspired by a view of the world which sees connection everywhere – Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ – we’ll spend 4 weeks exploring the depth and breadth of our relatedness. God’s call to his creatures has always been a call into relationship – with God’s self and all others. Hence, Richard Rohr would go so far as to call salvation “the readiness, the capacity, and the willingness to stay in relationship.”

This week we’ll explore God’s repeated call on his people to walk in His way of righteousness and justice, particularly toward the oppressed and outcast. Apparently, there is no other way to live a ‘Godly’, or even ‘truly-human’, life. As those who are made ‘in the image’ of the God who is love (that is, generous, reciprocal, giving-and-receiving in God’s very Being – we call this the doctrine of the trinity:) we have always been called to live in similarly loving ways.