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Every Story Whispers His Name

newmaryjostablecopy Borrowing the approach (not to mention the subtitle...) of Sally Lloyd-Jones’ beautiful Jesus Storybook Bible, our Advent 2016 sermon series will explore how the significance of Jesus is revealed in the fascinating (and often rather humorous) stories of a motley cast of biblical characters: Jacob, Ruth, David, and Isaiah. Drawing on themes such as embrace, gathering, promise, and restoration, we will consider how each is taken up and ultimately fulfilled in the person of Jesus of Nazareth - the Christ, the Son of God and Son of Man. Join us for this season of hopeful expectation, as we together approach the manger - only to be truly astounded by Who we find there! On this, the third Sunday of Advent, we will hear Bathsheba share her story - which became forever entwined with that of David, King of Israel. We will consider the "already, not yet" reality of the world, in which we continue to recon with darkness, and wrestle with difficult questions. Following David's lead, we will 'let God have it!' - our lament, our yearning, everything - clinging to the hope that he has already fulfilled (and will yet fulfil) his promise to David: for Jesus Christ is Lord!