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MALE & FEMALE: Leading Together

This series will feature discussion on the beauty of gender. Why has God created us in this way? How are we to discover all the life contained here? Are there passages of Scripture in need of re-reading together? To be sure, there is more going on here than Venus and Mars. ☺ TODAY: Male & Female (Leading Together)       At the end of service, we used these words to bless one another:   I am speaking words of life to you. Let my voice be as the Lord’s as I speak. You are created in the image of God. He has designed you very specifically. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. He knows who you are. And He knows the power that your life carries. He has made you to reflect His glory and to impact the world. He blessed you so that others might be blessed through you. The Lord is at work in your life every moment. He is working in it today. Because this is true, you have much to offer. I can learn from you. Everyone can learn from you. And you can learn from us too. The Lord wants our lives to bless one another. God does not want you to be somebody else. He wants you to be the deeply-loved, redeemed-by-Christ, full-bodied, super-sized version of yourself. So do not waste time listening to the Enemy’s accusations or lies. The Father wants you to know: He has made you. He loves you. He has called you. And you lack nothing you need. He equips you and He leads you, so that you can live out your destiny. The Body of Christ needs you. You are not insignificant. You cannot be replaced by anyone else. The Body of Christ needs you. So follow Jesus closely. Engage with him deeply and personally. Learn from him. And learn from others. We are following together. And we are leading together. This is just the way the Father designed it. It is a good gift.