Faithfulness. Service. Leadership.

Our church is overseen by our Shepherds. These men and women are examples of faithfulness and service, and we are blessed by their leadership.

If you wish to speak with one of our Shepherds you can send a message through our Contact US option  HERE . If you wish to leave a message for someone specifically please indicate that in the comments.


Bernard Krogsgaard

Bernard Krogsgaard grew up in the Glen Elm family back when it was the 7th and Pasqua congregation.  He and Alicia have raised three children.  They have been blessed to add two (soon to be three) children-in-law, as well as two grandboys to their family.  Bernard has been involved in ministry all of his life.  He has served other people in many countries, with extended ministries in the US, Australia and Mexico.  Bernard's greatest desire is that people gain their identity from God and what He says about His people, through His Word, His Son, and His Spirit.  Bernard longs for others to know the saving grace of his Master, as the church builds relationships with those around us.

Richard Krogsgaard

In 1964, the parents of Richard Krogsgaard joined the congregation that is now known as Glen Elm Church of Christ. Richard was raised within this faith community and it was here that he committed his life to Christ in baptism in 1967. When Richard married his wife Sue in 1976, Glen Elm continued to be their church-family and they happily raised their four children within this loving, faithful community.

 "As a family, we have been very blessed by the people of Glen Elm Church of Christ who have loved and mentored all of us into a deeper faith in Jesus." "May Glen Elm Church of Christ always be known as a church that loves God – putting God’s Word ahead of cultural influence, and loves people – knowing that Jesus died to bring all who believe, out of darkness into light."

Wilf & Laura Olson

After moving from Estevan to White City in 1992, with our 4 children, our family was graciously welcomed by the Glen Elm church family, which then resided at 7th and Pasqua.  As our children grew up, moved away and got married we moved into Regina in 2008.

Wilf worked at SaskPower for 35 years before retiring in 2014. Laura worked as a part time teacher aid while her children were in elementary school and 6 years as a part time Admin Assistant in the church office.

We have enjoyed being involved in ministries in our local church family and mission trips to India, Myanmar and China. The main focus of our personal mission at Glen Elm to to be available and ready to help when a need is presented.

We have been honoured to be shepherds for more than 20 years.

We are watching with excitement as God grooms new leaders and is directing Glen Elm’s path for the future.