When it comes to following Jesus, we have reached three convictions:

  1. God is serious about forming disciples of His Son Jesus Christ.
  2. Faithful Christians must also be serious about this task.
  3. Mature disciples are not formed in large assemblies.

We welcome you warmly to our weekly assemblies, and we aim to worship in ways that encourage and to teach in ways that inspire.

communityBut it is a simple fact that large crowds do not allow for the interaction and conversation necessary for deeper learning.  Sunday morning attendance does not guarantee transformation; however, the odds go up dramatically as one finds opportunities for seeking God and searching His Word within a small group where honest and open sharing can take place.

In the hopes of creating such space, we have Small Groups that meet weekly and bi-weekly throughout our city, typically in homes of our members.  These times of Scripture, discussion, and prayer are often weekly highlights for those who participate.

If you desire more in your spiritual journey, please contact our office about how a Small Group might make a difference.