In October 2018, we hosted a Tent Theology event, featuring Dr. Stephen Backhouse. This event featured a wide array of pieces, including features connected to Awana, Young Adults, Small Groups, Communion Service, and One-on-One visits. However, a series of lessons were also woven through the 10-day event. These were linked under the title, “Marks of the Kingdom”.

These five sessions were recorded and are available here for using or sharing:

GOSPEL: Return of the King (Good News for a New Creation)

PERSONS: Women and Children First (The Trinity and the Inventing of Persons)

FAITH: The Opposite of Faith (Offense, Temples, and Time Travel)

FIGHTING: The Kingdom and the Kingdoms (War and Peace for Insiders and Outsiders)

FRIENDSHIP: Disciples and Orphans (Anxiety and Abundance, Friends and Family)