Glen Elm Church of Christ is pleased to host Tent Theology for five sessions October 20-28. Come for one, come for all!

Each session, led by Dr. Stephen Backhouse, will feed your soul and stir your heart, as we consider “Marks of the Kingdom”. The way of Jesus is the way of life, and we will be rewarded as we deeply consider it together.

Full details and schedule are HERE.

To learn more about our guest, Stephen Backhouse, click HERE. You can also hear Stephen’s hopes for our event HERE.


NOTERegistration is required for select sessions: #1, #3, and #4. This will help us prepare adequately for food and childcare. Please register for these sessions here: #1, #3, #4.

Sessions #2 and #5 (no registration required) will take place during our regular Sunday assemblies on October 21 and October 28. Come for worship and communion; children’s classes will occur during the teaching session.

For as much as you are able to attend, it will be a pleasure to have you with us — the Lord has good things in store!